Soluble Team

Larry DeLucas, PhD

Founder, CEO

Dr. DeLucas developed HSCTM Technology together with Dr. Bill Wilson, former Chairman and Emeritus Professor at Chemistry Department, Mississippi State University. Dr. Larry DeLucas, Director of the Center for Biophysical Sciences & Engineering at the University of Alabama Birmingham. Dr. DeLucas was a tenured full professor at University of Alabama at Birmingham, Director of the Center for Biophysical Sciences and Engineering (CBSE) since 1994, and Director of the Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Structural Biology Shared Facility. Aside from University appointments, Dr. DeLucas is a former NASA Astronaut, he has served as the NASA Chief Scientist for the ISS (1994-1995), President of the Alabama Biotechnology Association (2-year position), and chair of the Spacehab Science Advisory Board (four years). Dr. DeLucas has more than 40 years’ experience investigating the structure/function roles of aqueous and membrane proteins, developing novel biotechnologies that led to three new biotechnology spin-out companies.

Bob Myers

Chief Finance Officer

Keith Champion, PhD

Director of Operations


Chrysanty Weaver, PhD

Director of Research

David Johnson, PhD

Senior Scientist