Providing soluble and stable formulations for biologics.

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Conjugates. Peptides.
Enzymes. VLPs.

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    HSC Technology for Protein Formulation

    HSC Technology is a self-contained, automated system that conducts high-throughput, self-interaction chromatography screens, using additives and excipients commonly included in protein formulations. The data generated from these screens is analyzed by a predictive algorithm used to identify the optimal combination(s) of additives and excipients, resulting in soluble and physically stable formulations for biologics.

    Protein Stability/Degradation Studies

    Soluble Biotech provides comprehensive protein stability analysis via time-dependent shelf-life studies and forced degradation studies.

    Evaluation variables include pH, temperature, humidity, light, oxidizing agents and mechanical stress. Our programmable incubators can assess the effect of temperature changes from -20°C to is high as 90°C, changes in humidity from 20% to is high as 70%.

    Solubilization Kits

    Soluble Biotech protein solubility kits allow rapid identification of soluble formulations. We provide four different kits to fulfill your solubility requirements. The kits are in 96- well format and provide the tools and methods to compare relative solubility across 88 common formulations (with 8 controls).

    OptiSol & OptiPharma Kits
    The OptiSol and OptiPharma provide mixing, filtration and collection plates for elution measurement by A280 or BCA Assay on a plate reader. The OptiSol kit includes a higher dynamic ra nge of formulat ions for more aggressive solubilization. While the OptiPharma kit includes only excipients recognized by the FDA as safe for drug development. The formulations included in the OptiPharma kit are those that Soluble Biotech has found to be most beneficial to increase solubility, based on over a decade of formulation experience for pharmaceutical companies of all sizes.

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    OptiTherm & OptiResc Kits
    The OptiTherm and OptiResc kits include the formulations for more aggressive solubilization found in the OptiSol kits. The OptiTherm kit is a fluorescence denaturation assay of thermal stability which can be measured using a qtPCR instrument. Fluorescence profiles across a temperature profile are used to identify the relative unfolding temperatures of the protein in each formulation.

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    OptiRes Kit
    The OptiResc kit is the least quantitative of the Soluble Bioscience line of solubility kits. This kit provides an assay to identify visual clarity of previously aggregated protein solutions. While it is the least quantitative, it only requires a microscope for the visual evaluation of protein aggregate.

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