HSC Technology Solutions to Protein Solubility

Our automated High Throughput Self-Interaction Chromatography (HSC™) Technology Platform decreases costs, time, and manpower required to optimize formulations.

HSC Technology

HSC Technology is a self-contained, automated system that conducts high-throughput, self-interaction chromatography screens on FDA approved excipients for protein formulations. Our technology measures second virial coefficient (B22 value) of protein-protein interactions to identify excipients that promote protein solubility in solutions. The data generated from HSC screens are analyzed by a proprietary predictive algorithm to identify the optimal combination(s) of buffers, pH, and excipients, resulting in increased solubility and physical stability of proteins.

Self-Interaction Chromatography Method to Determine B22 Values

  • Covalently bind protein of interest to chromatography media (stationary phase) and load protein-bound media into a micro-column
  • Flow formulation of interest over the column using HSC system
  • Inject protein into formulation flow and measure volume required to elute protein (retention volume) as it interacts with the same protein covalently bound to column media
  • Calculate retention factors and B22 values of proteins in different formulations
  • High B22 values indicate that the formulations promote protein solubility

Our Foundations

HSC™ Technology was developed by Dr. Bill Wilson, former Chairman, Chemistry Department at Mississippi State University, and former NASA astronaut, Dr. Larry DeLucas, Director of the Center for Biophysical Sciences & Engineering at the University of Alabama Birmingham. Doctors Wilson and DeLucas have collaborated for the last two decades on the development of the HSC™ Technology.

The HSC™ Instrument and its technology has been validated over the past twelve years via industry and academic collaborations. Several of our clients have seen ten-fold and hundred-fold increases in their protein’s solubility while maintaining physical stability. For biopharmaceutical clients this means faster development times and quicker progression of molecules into the clinic. For academic collaborators, this has meant further progression of biochemical & biology studies necessary to advance fundamental research in areas of unmet medical need.

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